AHERA Good Faith Surveys

What is a Good Faith Survey, and Why Do You Need One?

While asbestos based products are not dangerous unless damaged or disturbed, it’s important to be aware of asbestos in your building and when it can pose a health risk. Asbestos testing is a simple and effective way to determine whether your building can benefit from asbestos abatement.

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AHERA Certified Building Inspectors

When human health and safety are on the line, it's important to call a company that is certified to do an effective asbestos good faith survey. Our AHERA certified building inspectors will be able to perform a visual inspection of the home, as well as carefully take some samples of any suspected materials for testing. If they find asbestos is present, the inspector will provide you with a written evaluation that details where the mineral can be found and its extent in the building. Additionally, our inspectors can make recommendations for how to correct the situation or prevent damage to any undisturbed asbestos.

When to Call...

When You're Planning a Building Renovation

Some asbestos-based products release fibers into the air if they are cut, drilled, sanded or moved. Additionally, there are state and federal laws which require the testing and removal of any asbestos-containing materials before a demolition permit will be considered. Call us before: 

  • Demolition

  • Building Repairs

  • Remodeling

  • Other Renovations & Improvements

After Damage (But Before Restoration)

Asbestos-based products may also release fibers when they wear down or deteriorate. It's a good idea to have a certified building inspector complete testing before restoring any damage to ensure that damaged materials are not releasing asbestos. Call us after:

  • Leaks

  • Floods

  • Fire Damage

  • Pest Problems

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You Have Options

When it comes to addressing asbestos-containing materials in your building, there are two main options to consider: 


Abatement involves complete removal of the asbestos from the premises. This is a permanent solution. 


Asbestos encapsulation involves fully covering and sealing off any asbestos-containing materials.

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